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Prodbook – The Production Handbook is the best International Production Handbook with a complete database of American and Brazilian talent and resources. Prodbook offers a safe and complete site where you can do a wide range of production, whether for cinema, television, advertising, theatre, journalism and/or show. From film permissions in American and Brazilian cities to all the equipment and resources necessary for pre-production, production and post-production. Prodbook is everything you’ll ever need.


With Prodbook you can do the following: choose your own crew and services, create your own casting, produce and organize your own production, and ultimately discover everything you can possibly imagine. You can search, buy and rent online resources for: Costume Design, Set Design, Art Direction, Production and Technical personnel and equipment. Get to know the Index of our Guide.



Time is money and with Prodbook you can do your own production without wasting time. Since Prodbook is artistically organized you will enjoy the luxury of having everything the way you need it to be, just a click away. While you assemble your crew, the professionals are available for communication via Prodbook’s chat feature, located within each member’s profile. This is done for your convenience, so that you can interact and come to a faster conclusion on whether any crew member is appropriate for your production.


As you chose what interests you, Prodbook facilitates the process by having a favorite cart where you can add your items. At the end, you’ll have everything you need together in one place. Only with Prodbook it is possible to do your production in the least amount of time without losing quality.


This is the portal of dreams for every producer in the Entertainment world.


Prodbook offers you the comfort of working within a safe and efficient virtual environment.


Prodbook, The Production Handbook, is the complete guide developed solely for your success.


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Sandra Michelini

President and Publisher

Prodbook - The Production Handbook Americas - since 2011



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